Monday, February 5, 2018

This Blog Spot was.....

This blog spot was originally for my cancer journey. as you can see i stopped posting a long time ago.
However even though it was very rough and hard, i'm still alive and now cancer free.

So i have changed what the spot is now, and it is going to be about a company and it's products that changed my life!

Youngliving Essential oils and products.

So welcome!
Tell your friends and follow along for some great learning that will change your life also.....IF you let it!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Oct 20th 2009

my oncologist's officed called today.
yesterday they sent the MRI films to Dr. Stewart, who is radiologist doctor. to see if he can do radiation on my arm.
as of right now we dont know if radiation can/will do any good or not.
not sure when we will hear back from him. hopefully this week.

havent been feelin so great as of late. not sure what is going on, if it is the cancer or everything else wearin me down.
will post when i know something more

Saturday, October 10, 2009


I have a MRI on monday. blah.
see how long it takes them to get back to me with the results.
and how long AFTER that to decide what to do.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday Sept 25th

so i saw my doctor today. he wants the oncologist to make a descision between radiating the arm, or the doc doing surgery on it again, he is afraid that it is going to be an ongoing problem. he thinks that every time he takes one out another will grow in its place since the ones that are growing now showed up fairly soon after that last surgery, if there are too many surgeries done on the arm it will eventually ruin the arm, from scar tissue and/or infection etc.
so i took the report from the ultrasound to my oncologist's office, talked to her nurse, as the oncologist is out of the office till monday.

he also gave me pain PATCHES rather then continuing with pain pills, since they can be addictive and i can only take them at night since i can not drive after taking them.
so we will see how the patches work out, have never used them before.

BUT i did find out today, no one had ever come out and said it in these terms before, the cancer itself will NOT kill me, it will be end up being complications from it compromising my immune system that will eventually be the death of me, baring some other form of death, so that did make me feel better, i have always pictured it being a long painful drawn out death like i have seen in other cancer patients. Supposedly mine wont be that way.
remains to be seen, and i pray it wont be for LOTS AND LOTS of years from now :)

i will update monday if i find out more then
i have never had radiation so i dont know much about it

Thursday, September 24, 2009

This last monday

ok i have not updated in a while.
the arm that they did surgery on in june has given me problems every since the surgery. there was swelling, but it never went away, after a while it became a hard lump. i talked to the surgion at least once a month about it.
well on monday he had an ultrasound done on it, as soon as she put that wand up to my arm you could see this HUGE black mass, and 2 smaller ones next to it.
the huge one has blood flow to and from it. not sure on the 2 small ones. so that pretty much rules out a hematoma. which leads us back to another lymphnode.
so i go see him tomorrow to discuss what we are going to do about it i guess
since it is causing alot of pain i am hoping we schedule another surgery as soon as possible to take it out
if we do that i am takin my digital camera and askin him to take a picture of the tumor after he takes it out i want to know what my enemy looks like...................strange i know but i dont care!
i will update tomorrow as to what we decide

Monday, August 10, 2009

saw the oncologist.................

and i really like her, she was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more informative then my old one was.
she said that over the course of my life, i will continue to have lymphnodes that get "infected" with the cancer as long as it is only one or two at a time, and i have no other symptoms of the lymphoma, we will not do chemo, we will just deal with that particular node, either by taking it out or radiateing it. So we will not be doing chemo at this time, since the surgion got the entire tumor. The reason for not doing chemo when one or two little ones pop up and i am feeling fine is this: There will come a time when it goes crazy again like it did in 06 and i will HAVE to do chemo to save my life again. SO if we do chemo everytime i have some pop up it will continusly break down my bone marrow to the point that it will not withstand the chemo when i HAVE to have it.
she explained the ct scan results to me, and i have a few small tumors in my abdomin that have been there for a while now, i knew about them, they have continued to stay the same size. so we are not worried about them. there IS a new one under my left arm pit, that we are going to keep an eye on, it is one that i will be able to feel if it grows, so if it gets big and i can feel it, then i am supposed to contact her, and we will decide what to do about it.
so for now i am going to go on living my life the same as i have the last few months, and continue to pray that it stays being good. i am glad it is ok for now, so i can focus on my mother in law, since her news was not near as good as mine:( so please pray for me and my mother in law

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

problems with my blog

i have been getting emails and messages from people not being able to get into my blog. i dont know why this is happening, but if anyone has any ideas, please let me know so i can fix it if it is on my end